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Anna Bazan
Manager, Programs and Events
People to People International
World Headquarters
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Frances D'Ardenne
Senior Marketing Manager
Royal Parade Mews
Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6TN
Phone: +44 (0)20 8289 9595
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Travelling to Berlin

Will groups travelling to Berlin and /or Europe this summer be affected by the recent events in Berlin? The safety of our travelers is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the situation in the Berlin. We have two offices in Europe and will continue to keep a close eye on the situation however, given that we are 6 months from our first departure, it is too early to assess how this situation impacts (if any) our groups.

How do you make the decision whether or not to travel to a country? In making the decision to proceed with any program, our Travel Directors and safety team relies on up-to-date intelligence gathered from a number of organizations including the U.S. State Department, the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board, as well as from international safety and security specialists. We receive multiple updates from these organizations on a daily basis, and will stay very close to this situation until it is no longer a concern. If current conditions were to exist closer to our departure dates that might in any way hinder our ability to provide a safe and rewarding program, we will not hesitate to alter the itinerary, redirect the program to safer regions, or provide other alternatives.

Press Release

People to People International Announces New Travel Provider for Immersive Travel Programs
Kansas City, MO, USA – People to People International (PTPI) is proud to announce a new licensed travel provider in 2016 to replace previous provider Ambassadors Group, Inc., of Spokane, Washington, USA, which announced on July 13 that it will cease operations by the end of 2015.

A letter from Mary Eisenhower and Bill Bland

October 8, 2015
It is our great privilege to announce that People to People International has selected Enriching Cultural Experiences (ECE) International to be our new licensed travel provider for the 2016 travel season, replacing our previous provider, Ambassadors Group, Inc. They will head an extensive world-wide partnership to create unique and well-organized experiences.